Percussion Solo @ 2:44

photo by: John Bajana

Simon D. Carroll (percussionist and drummer) is an active musician and teacher of Los Angeles. He has been the timpanist of Música Angélica Baroque Orchestra for over a decade. He also has his hands deep in the Brazilian music community, leading/co-leading bands MôForró (forró), Samba Society (vintage samba), and Os Zagueiros (samba soul). He is the former music diretor of Viver Brasil – Afro-Brazilian dance company, and the percussionist of Delta Nove (world funk). He studied intensively throughout Brazil and Cuba and is the apprentice to the internationally renowned Brazilian percussionist Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro. He recently completed his teaching credential and teaches elementary school music for LAUSD. In his “free time” he trains capoeira with Mestre Amen Santos at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center in Culver City.

4 comments on “Welcome

  1. Yeah, Simon Carroll…the “only man with enough ‘sticks’ to play in all three bands” of the Virgil’s January 20th triple threat Brazilian night, plus have a bunch of other gigs constantly…also one of the few persons gracious and kind enough to make so many different kinds of people happy at once. That takes skill.

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